What is TLA (Tech London Advocates):

Founded by Russ Shaw in 2013 and including more than 7500 tech professionals and 55 working groups (as of Q2 2019), Tech London Advocates (TLA) is a prestigious global network of business leaders in more than 50 countries, across various tech verticals, geographies and current global issues. 

TLA’s work has been influential on the Mayor of London and the UK government (ie. achieved the introduction of the Chief Digital Officer for London) but it’s important to note that TLA is private-sector led and not government funded. 

Russ is the London Tech Ambassador for the Mayor of London and Advisory Board member for Founders4Schools and the Government’s Digital Skills Partnership. 


London Tech Week


TLA has been a founding partner of London Tech Week (LTW) for the past six years. LTW ‘19 had more than 300 events in London and across the UK during one week, including the participation of tech giants such as Microsoft, IBM, Intel and SAP, and speakers from innovative Fortune 500 companies and leading tech businesses. Following the opening speech by Theresa May, LTW’s highlights included a two-day tech business exhibition at Excel and conferences organised by Bloomberg and Cogx.


Global Tech Advocates


TLA is connected to its sibling network called Global Tech Advocates (GTA). 

The leaders of the TLA working groups and GTA groups are brought together twice a year to discuss important updates and issues amongst the working groups. 


quote by the London Evening Standard as ‘the most influential business lobby in London’
quote by the London Evening Standard as ‘the most influential business lobby in London’

Purpose of TLA:

Promotion, organisation and management of training, mentoring and support programmes aimed at assisting technology business startups/scaleups, entrepreneurs, SMEs and corporations (small and large enterprises) in finding new investment, new talent and achieving high-growth in London and around the globe.




What is TLA Balkans (Tech London Advocates Balkans):

Founded by Petar Savic in 2019, TLA Balkans is the regional working group of Tech London Advocates, TLA Balkans enables advocates to devote their time pro-bono (on a volunteer basis) to the development of the tech ecosystem in the Balkans region, and to connect it with London and other global tech hubs.


TLA Balkans – Group Leadership Team:

…more advocates to be confirmed


Emerging Europe


TLA Balkans is a part of the new group in Global Tech Advocates called Tech Emerging Europe Advocates, along with CEE, Central Asia, and Ukraine. It is being lead by Emerging Europe: 


TLA Balkans countries:

  • Albania
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Bulgaria
  • Croatia 
  • Kosovo
  • Macedonia
  • Montenegro
  • Romania
  • Serbia 
  • Slovenia


TLA Balkans tech areas:

  • Deep Tech
  • AI
  • Blockchain
  • Digital health
  • IoT
  • Fintech
  • Foodtech
  • Edutech 
  • Sports Tech
  • Marketing Tech
  • Digital Media
  • Gaming


TLA Balkans key objectives:

  • TLA Balkans objectives are to forge a bridge between the UK and the Balkans
  • Put the Balkans opportunity on the map while identifying challenges and opportunities
  • Connecting the Balkans diaspora to identify opportunities and barriers
  • Supporting growth by facilitating the movement of advocates between the two ecosystems and providing introductions and guidance
  • Promoting and supporting events, investments, and activities that may be of mutual interest to the community. 
  • Showcase business and networking opportunities in the London tech scene to the Balkans tech startups, scale-ups, entrepreneurs and SMEs
  • Showcase business opportunities in the Balkans region for tech startups, scale-ups, entrepreneurs, SMEs and corporations in the London tech scene that are interested in exploring the Balkans region
  • Showcase work opportunities that are available in the London tech scene to talents in the Balkans region and providing resources such as visas and market data
  • Help London-based scale-ups understand how to do business in the Balkans