The biggest, global blockchain movement arrives in London after 4 major Asian countries & 3,520 audiences.

European Blockchain Hub Tour London

After its visits to four major countries across Asia: Indonesia, Hong Kong China, Japan and Taiwan, the Blockchain for SDGs Tour Summit is now in England – bringing with it a delegate of Blockchain experts from both Europe and Asia to share their visions and missions for Blockchain technology for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Happening this 23rd October 2018, in London, the tour summit will feature an eventful series of sharing sessions by featured speakers, all whom are experts and pioneers themselves in the Blockchain industry. They will talk about their success stories and inspiring projects from their home-countries centralising around Blockchain technology. As Blockchain for SDGs Tour Summit toured the cities in Asia; Jakarta, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Taipei – the tour summit has brought 3,520 audiences together with 22 honoured speakers, each representing prominent Blockchain-based organisations such as BTC City Slovenia, MAXONROW, EUNEX, World of Sharing, WOS and MOGU, to name a few.

Blockchain for SDGs Tour Summit in London will hear from these featured speakers:

1. Blaz Golob, President of European Blockchain HUB
2. Rex Yeap, Chairman of Asia Node European Blockchain Hub
3. Tadej Slapnik, Chairman of the Advisory Board of European Blockchain Hub
4. Mark Kalin, Head of Innovation Office & New Technology at BTC Company
5. Barry E. James, British Blockchain Association Chair for Finance, ICO/DLT Startups
6. Alastair Marke, Western Europe Director, Blockchain Commission for Sustainable Development,
7. Margaret Rose-Goddard, Attorney at Law, Director, U-Solve Impact Accelerator
8. Mladen Ljubisic, Head of Slovenian Tourist Board for UK & Ireland
9. Roy Bunjun, Crypto Consultant at SwiftoCrypto
10. Marian Gazdik, Director Startup Grind
11. Scott Gass, Marketing Director of EUNEX (Europe)
12. Rayven Ling, Vice President of Sales & Marketing of EUNEX

European Blockchain Hub Tour London

Further, the tour summit will also host a panel discussion session – allowing audience to listen first-hand to experts’ opinions and insights, specifically pertaining to the adoption of Blockchain technology to achieve the SDGs. The floor will also be opened for Q&A, discussion and participation in various topics revolving Blockchain. Audience can also expect to participate in high-level networking session between speakers, members of the Blockchain community, and fellow delegates for future partnership and/or collaboration possibilities.

Organised by European Blockchain HUB (EUBC HUB) and aimed to champion the Blockchain technology for SDGs, as envisioned by the United Nations (UN) – this tour summit too seeks to develop a global relation worldwide with the objective to streamline an international standard of Blockchain technology’s adoption within various industries for sustainable development.

To date, EUBC HUB has brought Malaysia, Indonesia and most recently Hong Kong onboard this mission to elevate the industrial quality to accelerate the achievement of SDGs through singing of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in respective countries. Besides that, EUBC HUB has also established partnerships with 10 various non-profit organisations (NGOs), educational institutions, pioneering entrepreneurs and government bodies such as United Nations (UN), BTC City (Slovenia), Deloitte, I Feel Slovenia, Creative Hive and MakeFamous, to name a few. All together, these partnerships have created mutual understanding for future possibilities together. EUBC HUB is proudly supported by the sponsorship of four organisations; namely EUNEX, WOS, Relianz Chain and SunContract from various industries worldwide and is always looking forward to possible partnerships and supports.

Blockchain for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Tour Summit 2018/19 was kicked off in Jakarta, Indonesia on 11th September 2018, and officially launched in Hong Kong on 23rd September 2018 last month. This global tour summit across Europe and Asia is meant to take place in 20 countries, and will culminate in Ljubljana, Slovenia from 17th – 18th January 2019.

London will be the tour summit’s first stop as we make our way to Europe! Join us on this coming 23rd October 2018 for more insights into this ever-growing well of knowledge and get the chance to network with great minds!