At the recent conference “Talents at Gathering 2.0”, which is being held for the second year in a row at the initiative of Prime Minister Ana Brnabic and organised by the national platform Serbia Creates, new incentives of the Serbian Government were presented to reduce “brain drain” and improve the climate. the return of our talents from abroad.

Serbian Entrepreneurs at Talent 2.0

Prime Minister Ana Brnabić said that the departure of young and educated people is a problem faced by much more developed countries than Serbia, and that the only way to prevent it is to build a society based on the exchange of knowledge and experiences with state incentives.

Such a society, he adds, must be open to all who have gone abroad and now want to return, to those who successfully work outside the borders of our country and want to contribute to Serbia, as well as to those who live, work and create in Serbia. and because of which it is part of the world today.

“I know that we have very talented, creative and capable people, so it is important that the Government of Serbia has good communication with its diaspora so that young people stay in the country and some of you return. I think that the smartest governments are those that listen and recognize good ideas and proposals, and that is why last year I started the communication format through the gathering “Talents together”. Then we talked openly, you gave me your suggestions, proposals, you presented the biggest problems. This year, we are holding the conference only because we have to present the results of our work in these one year.” the Prime Minister pointed out.

Talent 2.0 Serbia Creates

DIPLOMA NOSTRIFICATION – The first and key problem, the Prime Minister pointed out. was the solution to the nostrification of diplomas, which is why the Government of Serbia adopted a bill, which was sent to the parliamentary procedure, and on the basis of which the procedure for recognising foreign diplomas will be shortened from 90 to only 60 days. In addition, as of January 1, 2020, an electronic diploma nostrification system was introduced.

“For diplomas obtained at one of the first 500 universities ranked on the Shanghai, Times and US News & World Report Ranking lists, the decision on the recognition of the diploma will be made within only eight days from the date of receipt of the application, which is practically immediate,” Brnabic said .

CUSTOMS ON IMPORT OF PERSONAL PROPERTY OF RETURNEES – The Government of Serbia amended the Decree on customs privileges, which increased the current limit of 5,000 euros for the import of private property without customs duties, to 20,000 euros, if the returnee spent up to 10 years abroad. For those who have spent a long time abroad, the limit has been completely abolished.

“We didn’t even know this problem existed until you suggested it to us last year. That is why such formats of conversations, such conferences, are important. The smartest governments are the ones that listen to their citizens. It is really insane to run a campaign for the return of talent to Serbia, and then when you want to return, the state charges you a huge customs duty. Now it has changed.” the Prime Minister told those gathered at the conference at the National Theatre in Belgrade.

“POINT OF RETURN” PLATFORM – Representatives of the diaspora, at last year’s conference, pointed out that it is necessary to form a platform for communication and obtaining the necessary information. That is why, in cooperation with the cabinet of the Prime Minister and the diaspora organisations Serbian City Club from London and Serbian Entrepreneurs from San Francisco, the “Point of Return” platform was launched.

“This platform will enable constant communication with our people in the diaspora, in that way they will have access to all information related to return or some other type of cooperation with the state of Serbia and people living in Serbia.” I insisted that, in the beginning, we work with each person who answers individually. Until we establish a system.” the Prime Minister explained.

ENCOURAGING THE EMPLOYMENT OF RETURNEES AND FOREIGNERS – We have decided to introduce special tax benefits for all those who have spent more than two years abroad and who have a salary equal to three Serbian average salaries.

“It’s a revolutionary thing. Employers in Serbia will have their contribution payments reduced if they hire any of the returnees. Thus, the employment of people from the diaspora will become the most competitive thing and an investment that will return to us many times over.” says Brnabić.

The Government of Serbia has resolved several minor issues and problems, and in cooperation with the National Bank of Serbia, a Financial Guide for Returnees has been prepared. In the middle of next year, Serbia will open the first creative embassy in London, where it will best represent what our experts, scientists, creatives, entrepreneurs are creating in Serbia …

The Prime Minister pointed out that in parallel with creating a climate for the return of our talents from abroad, the Government of Serbia is actively working on keeping young people in Serbia, primarily through employment benefits.

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