The Government of Serbia Adopted the decision to open the Creative Embassy in London

As a contribution to the development of culture, the Government adopted the Decision to open the Cultural and Information Centre in London, the first of its kind, as a modern institution to promote the creative industries and innovation of Serbia and its citizens.

The decision to open the Creative Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in London, for the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland was published in the Official Gazette.

The decision enters into force on July 27.

With the aim of strengthening the cultural status of Serbia outside its borders, the first CREATIVE EMBASSY will be opened in London at the end of the year. It will offer a space where our people who live in, or are just visiting London, will be able to exhibit, work, gather, hold meetings and presentations, and organize smaller events.

The Creative Embassy will be the place to meet our artists, creators and innovators.

A new, national platform Serbia Creates has initiated the opening of the Creative Embassy in order to promote the creative industries, culture, innovation, science, art… In addition, its cooperation with our companies, entrepreneurs and start-ups operating worldwide, as well as the Platform’s connection to their communities, offer an important step towards promoting our country abroad.

Organizations such as Serbian Entrepreneurs led by Petar Savic in London, with whom the Platform has already established cooperation, will be key partners in promoting the domestic creative and digital scene and its affirmation in the global market.

The platform is working intensively on bringing together communities, initiatives and artists from different fields, who will, with their advice and ideas, contribute to make the Creative Embassy a real, new creative place for meetings and collaboration.

The architectural and design proposals will be prepared by Serbian artists.

More information coming soon. Stay Tuned.