Supreme Factory is a London based Micro Venture Capital Fund with and Virtual Accelerator supporting the next wave of purposeful early-stage technology businesses with diverse teams and conscious founders.

Solving large social problems and creating a positive impact with applied science and breakthrough technologies by bridging the equity gap between Emerging Europe and the UK ecosystems post-Brexit and post-pandemic, focusing on the highest growth sectors: Web3, AI, Digital Health, Climate…

Super-connecting diverse startup ecosystems with the world’s largest networks of talents, scientists, innovators, startups, corporates, investors, communities, especially underrepresented founders and overlooked markets.

  • FOCUS ON POSITIVE IMPACT: We believe this leads to better commercial outcomes and drives superior investment returns because there is enough research that confirms that ESG practices and good sustainability correlate with lower operating costs and better profitability especially within younger generations


  • UNFAIR ADVANTAGE: Innovate in Emerging Europe, scale to the UK and beyond, untapped talents, faster and cheaper R&D, social and economic impact, supporting diversity from developing markets


  • ACCELERATOR PROGRAMME: Backing 50 existing startups a year, creating a quality pipeline and de-risking the future investments


  • CO-INVESTMENT: Running syndicate rounds with the over 200 world-class co-investment partners across Europe


  • TOP TIER PARTNERS: Provides proprietary access to companies with unfair advantages and patents, world-class teams, grand funding, and unique partnerships; 100+ experts, mentors and remote teams in every aspect of the business


  • COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCE: Supporting entrepreneurs so they can maximise their potential by personalised connections recommendation to our unique network of leading global experts and apply our proven commercialisation and distribution methodologies using interactive Startup Playbook platform.