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On 10 July 2018 the UK will host the Western Balkans Summit London. The summit will bring together the leaders of the Western Balkans countries and like-minded European partners to strengthen security co-operation, increase economic stability and encourage political co-operation.

The upcoming Western Balkans Summit London is expected to be held on July 10, 2018 in London to strengthen security co-operation, increase economic stability and encourage political co-operation.. It is perceived by the UK’s officials as an expression of a will of the UK to maintain its commitment to the Western Balkans even after Brexit.

Global Entrepreneurship Programme will focus on advancing and promoting the creative and entrepreneurial talents of this region, providing them with an opportunity to be selected for a specialised mentorship programme. This initiative will draw upon the expertise of DIT’s entrepreneur ‘deal-makers’, who will make a tour of the region and select top talents (20+ companies) to participate in the WB Start-up Games – an event that will be held parallel to the Western Balkans Summit, on July 9.

Western Balkans Summit London

Our ambitions and plans in the Western Balkans are a variation on this. We are looking to develop a longer term relationship and our initial aim is to start creating and building long term links with the networks across the region and offer our expertise to enhance the entrepreneurial community in the region as the ecosystems there vary in experience and knowledge. The aim would be to add value and helping to upskill individual entrepreneurs including those at the beginning of their journey who might not be looking internationally yet but would benefit from any guidance from our impressive team, as well as those who want to understand how to scale up and internationalise. This will hopefully forge a “bridge” between the UK and the region based on collaboration as a long term project not just a short term engagement.

Buoyed by the success of the programme in Spain, Singapore, and Argentina, the Games will serve as a unique opportunity for local start ups and entrepreneurs to interact with different stakeholders and receive guidance on leveraging their business ideas.

Have a look at the YouTube video of the Games in Sydney.


Summit aims

The summit will focus on 3 important aims:

  • increasing economic stability with a view to improving the business environment, encouraging entrepreneurship, addressing youth unemployment, and promoting regional inter-connectivity
  • strengthening regional security co-operation to help tackle common threats, including corruption, serious and organised crime, trafficking of people, drugs and firearms, terrorism and violent extremism
  • facilitating political co-operation – to help the region resolve bilateral disputes and overcome legacy issues stemming from the conflicts of the 1990s and strengthen democracy and gender equality

The UK wants a strong, stable and prosperous Western Balkans region. By hosting the summit in London, we demonstrate our continued interest and involvement in the stability of the region beyond our exit from the EU.


Balkanisation of Internet

The Western Balkans Process – also known as the Berlin Process – is a joint initiative of 13 European countries and the European Commission. It supports the efforts to integrate the region into the European Union and foster regional cooperation. The Process covers areas such as resolution of bilateral disputes, endorsement of rule of law, connectivity and economic development as well as strengthening the cooperation in education, science (research and innovation) and inter-societal dialogue.

14 parties are currently involved in the Process: Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, France, Germany, Italy, Kosovo*, FYRo Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia and the United Kingdom as well as the European Commission.

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