Research on VR Health benefits conducted by Petar Savic at the YouTube Space London VR Lab.

Filmed with Insta360 EVO VR180 3D camera during the VR180 workshop by VRScout.

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YouTube VR VR for help that’s it’s an emerging area of research it’s still very early nessam stages but there has been research that too just if you put a patient in a VR experience before they go under local anaesthesia or surgery or some sort of dental procedure if you place some of the experience their heart rate goes down and then the patient that needs requires less anesthesia this isn’t incredibly important for younger patients because there’s real discs that see anesthesia can have negative consequences because your bodies aren’t fully developed or their weight is less and the physical side that no physical therapists in America are utilizing VR to help shorten rehab periods so I know one use cases if you injure yourself doing a sports a skiing or playing soccer they noticed that while we having that injury say it’s your ACL they work on the patient was compensating and not getting the full lateral movement that is what they’re trying to recover on and that is due to mental blockers where their body will shut down and not let them really do that move that maneuver that it did whether injured so if you put them in a soccer or skiing experience their brain can kind of connect the dots and then they’re they’re more free to make those a lot of movements and ultimately it reduce recovery time and the last one is I know there are some instances that people are using it to get into a meditative state that kind of blocks all thought you have work life girlfriend husband homework bills everything that kind of clouds our brain.

We’ve seen VR use for soldiers with PTSD anxiety phobia a lot of experience Emily’s very much in here actually these numbers of environment track or focus

I see definitely more how VR can help mental health. I’ve been seeing a lot of for example meditation applications and a lot of VR experiences that are helping you to be more mindful and help you to read it take so say like you know you live in a busy city and you have this VR experience that lets go into a very nice open field that you get to have this little escape from the chaotic world that goes around and so I think those kinds of apps were of the most would help.

I think that the places where I see and VR health benefits and how I possibly in these really transformative experiences like was that much another Lazenby’s for example make here in London and they have a very special for the ocean there where you kind of could see your body and the blood flowing through your veins at the same time that you can see water droplets transpiring up above the tree in this beautiful sort of natural environment and that was such a sort of meditative state that it really just really transported me out of my every day and all the stresses that go with every day and I also think that it we are can have a really great impact not only in helping miss Burton listen I mean having others to understand mental health issues because of great peace bomb and the National Autistic Society for too much information where you kind of stepped into the shoes of a boy and who’s being taken to a shopping mall by his mother and just found all of the inputs in that space completely overwhelming and that was a really powerful experience I think there’s many different applications probably within the kind of health sector you’re a hundred percent one thing I’ve experienced I hate getting shots so what I do is put on a headset and if you feel no shot when they prick it into my arm nor if I’m get burned and have to scrub it off no longer feel pain I no longer need them wanting to take that pain away so the virtual reality helps pain relief

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