Interested in VR or immersive games ? So join us for a chilled event dedicated to the Future of Gaming @ London.
This 100% gaming meetup will be all about learning, sharing and having fun.

And if you’re experimenting in your garage, bring your project and make a demo!

Join us for a full evening about the Future of Gaming!

Into VR or immersive games much ? So are we !! That’s why we would like to invite you to our upcoming event on the future of gaming. What’s up in the gaming world ? And most importantly what will come next ?

This chilled evening will be all about learning, sharing and having fun guys. Three passionate and dedicated gamers will join us and we’ll even have some time to kick on some demos : think eye-tracking, voice control and many more.


7:00 pm – Shall the doors be open

7:30 pm – Intro by Phillip Zissimou from Intel & BeMyApp

7:35 pm – Make believe by Shanee NISHRY, Game Developer @ Google

“Join us to explore virtual and augmented reality from Google and how it may change our lives and gaming. Learn how it works, how to design virtual reality experiences and a sneak peak to how Vulkan will help virtual reality on Android.”

8:05 pm – Advantages of using Unity as a Game engine to develop games in VR by Marco COLOMBO, Head of Development (Unity3D and VR) @ Visualise Creative

“In this meetup dedicated to the future of gaming, I’d like to show you the benefit of using Unity in VR. To start with I’ll talk about the current state of VR and the growing market around it. Then, I will show how to use a proper layout to test/debug the game in-editor, then I’ll demonstrate the advantages of events and modular programming, together with useful tools to using during development. I would also like to talk about the advantages of agile methodologies while developing (and i will advice some software tools to use) and I will bring and demo the game that brought me to the finals of the latest Oculus Mobile VR Jam.”

8:35 pm – PDD (don’t worry it has nothing to do with Puff Daddy, just Pizzas, Drinks and Demos)