bridge the gap between school and work


At Supreme Factory, we never back down from a challenge – and we know our partners don’t either.

We’re stepping up to solve one of Britain’s greatest challenges: bridging the gap between education and the modern workplace – and we need your help. Too often, young people are leaving school without the skills and ambition that will prepare them adequately for the jobs of the future. Not only does this hold back Britain’s economic growth, but it means we’re failing to live up to the promise we make to our children as a society – to give them a great start in life. This is especially true for children from the most deprived backgrounds, who may not have the connections outside the school to help them get a leg up. It is unfair – and it has to stop.

After a few years of motivating teenagers, I’m delighted to announce that Supreme Factory is partnering with the charity Founders4Schools to ensure that every single young person in the regions in which we operate is put face-to-face with an inspiring employer. Founders4Schools is an award-winning charity set up by entrepreneur and investor Sherry Coutu that puts schools in touch with employers through a simple online platform.

I hope that you will join us on that mission, and encourage your colleagues and partners to take a few hours out of their day each year to go into schools to share their story – and engage in a variety of activities from CV workshops to mock interviews.

To sign up for Founders4Schools, you can go to our partner page, which enables us to track the number of students we help. If you would like your own partner page to be set up, please email The signup process takes just a few minutes and schools will then be able to invite you along to relevant events. There is no obligation to attend – but it makes you aware of what’s going on in your area.

I know that our clients are deeply committed to their communities – and ready to make a lasting difference to the lives of thousands of young people.

This is just one of the feedback I’ve got from the students:

“I would like to thank you for your career advice and guidance, I must say I was glad to hear your speech about the conscious and subconscious mind, meditation and the fine line between your skills and what you love. It was a coincidence to me because I have recently been getting into expanding my conscious mind through different forms of meditation, I am a beginner and still new to this if there are any sources you would like to recommend to me to enhance my knowledge about meditation please let me know.

Furthermore, I have been reading ‘The Power Of the Subconscious Mind’ by Joseph Murphy in order to provide my with the knowledge on how I can become the best version of myself. I can honestly say I feel absolutely lucky to be aware of these ideas that many people do not know.

Reprogramming my subconscious has helped my in many ways. Speaking of academics last year I achieved a grade D in psychology overall and was predicted a D. However, this year after learning these concepts there was a dramatic increase in my grade and I achieved a grade A OVERALL. I was able to manifest my vision into reality even if my teachers predicted me a D.”

I’m proud to say that since 2015 I’ve been working with Acorn Aspiration on helping hundreds of young people explore the entrepreneurship opportunities and there were some great success stories you can check on the website:

Another startup I advice is The Talent Access Portal that gathers the world’s undiscovered tech talent, straight from the best tech schools and communities programs.