In the past few months, because of the coronavirus outbreak, webinar and live streaming platforms have boomed including a huge spike of the Zoom stock. It’s no wonder that Zoom’s popularity has soared during the current coronavirus lockdown. More people working from home are now using the video conferencing platform for meetings, classes, and social gatherings.

This unfortunate situation will most definitely change the way we work, live and especially run virtual events.

Supreme Factory team did very first professional live stream all the way back in 2008 from EXIT Festival and had more than 150k live viewers which was more than there were actual people at the venue. A few years later this number increased to over 20 million views with other events like International Radio Festival.

Ever since we have been working closely with some of the best live streaming startups and companies as a partner including, Vimeo, YouTube, Google Hangouts, Cisco Webex, LinkedIn Live, Dailymotion, ChewTV, LiveBeats, and more. IN these trials we were always looking to innovate, test new features early, improve the user experience, create the content that users really like and present it in a best format.

In 2016 we teamed up with Wowza and Startup Grind to do a multi stream broadcast of an event on the Wall Street Journal Facebook page and across all Startup Grind channels. We hosted a founder of fintech unicorn Transferwise and had over 40k live viewers, making it the biggest tech event to date.

Since Facebook introduced the new Watch Party feature, Startup Grind created real watching parties across 40 different countries called SGlive. We invited Scott Kupor, managing partner of Andreessen Horowitz, one of the most successful VC companies in the world, to come to London and do an event that we broadcasted to many real Watch Parties.

We conducted a reachers, teamed up with many of these platform and fully tested them. Here are some of our favourites webinar and live streaming platforms below.



Price Range


Meeting + Livestreaming


Livestream feature is only for access within a GSuite organization.

Webinar, meetings, many-to-many, virtual offices, virtual networking

Free, Open Source

Webinar, meetings, many-to-many

Free trial up to 50 attendees, $100 per month minimum pack

Remo is one of the most interesting platforms for virtual networking and virtual offices. User experience is improving constantly with new features like a white board (Miro alternative) and has a great potential to become a new normal for virtual community events.

Webinar + Meeting

Freemium – Then starts at $14.99

Max number attendees 1000. Pay per host.


Acquired by Vimeo. Have their own camera Mevo with mobile live streaming solution.

Networking, many-to-many style, one-to-one, breakout sessions, roundtables

“$49/ month per host
$0.50 for free tickets
$1 per hour for recording”

“Hopin is the closest, to actually being like a full conference, but digital. They alsoo have a virtual ‘expo hall’ where you can have sponsors setup with little virtual chat rooms. Designed to emulate larger conferences and events, with a main speaker stage, smaller session, and 1 on 1 networking. Still in early access beta.”

Livestream, networking, many-to-many

Free, 20 USD/mos and 39 USD/mos

Live streaming meeting / discussion or keynote session with various layout and able to broadcast to several channels. Probably one of the best choices for professional virtual conferences and events.


Freemium (under 4 people is free)

Multiple room and users. Merged with Appear In.

Webinars + Meetings + Events

Free for 90 days

Depending on what you pay for limit of ppl may vary

Webinar + Meeting has developed a playbook that mixes online video streaming, virtual reality and engagement tools that allow you to host your event online.

Traditional “webinar” style


Lattice’s head of events said they hosted a 6K attendee virtual conference in Feb on here


$20 / month

IBM Developer Advocates team use this for their online events

Multicasting, Web studio


One of the most popular platforms for multi streaming, but still very unstable.

Networking, many-to-many style, VR

“Virtual Meetups (Up to 1000 attendees) – Sharing domain expertise i.e. event venue

Virtual Mastermind Groups (Up to 24 attendees) – Intimate roundtable discussions

Virtual Fireside Chats (Up to 100 attendees)”

Community Meetups/Gatherings, Workshops & Training, Company Orientation, Group Discussions, Team Building, many-to-many style

30 days free trial / unlimited virtual sessions

Toasty can host a virtual session up to 50 participants each time. There are a variety of activities a host can set up to facilitate the breakout groups and the platform is designed around making it engaging for everyone via moving quickly between main room and breakout rooms.


Webinar + Meeting

Livestream, Multicasting, Conference

$70 per month

It has a tool to video edit streams via browsers, specific for conferences or events.

Check out the live crowdsourced Google Doc created by Startup Grind team listing 50+ webinar and live streaming platforms.