Entrepreneurship and fundraising in 2020

We will host a panel discussion about fundraising in 2020 with Soheil Mirpour, Partner at GFC, Elodie Dupuy, Founder at Full In Partners and Derek Gallagher from Global Shares.

We will follow up with a fireside chat with investor and serial entrepreneur Justin Kan, creator of modern live-streaming with Twitch (sold to Amazon for $1 billion). He was also partner at Y Combinator.

Having been a repeat founder and investor both personally and as a Partner at Y Combinator for many years, Justin is not shy to share his journey and insights into his life philosophy on what makes us happy. For that we are extremely thankful!

Justin Kan, the co-founder of Twitch.tv and ex-Partner at Y Combinator, who has personally invested in over 100 companies and a wealth of knowledge that we want to hear.

Justin previously founded many companies including: Kiko, the first AJAX web calendar; Justin.tv which later became Twitch, a video game streaming platform (acquired for $1 billion by Amazon in 2014) and Socialcam, a mobile video sharing app (acquired for $60mm by Autodesk in 2012); and Exec, an on-demand maid service (acquired by Handybook in 2014).

He’s personally invested in over 100 companies, including Zenefits, Ginkgo Bioworks, Cruise, and Alto Pharmacy. Justin graduated from Yale University with a degree in Physics and Philosophy.

Building a great company takes a lot of willpower over a very long time. As we are preparing for the fireside chat with founder of Twitch, we would like to recommend a few very useful tips from him.

In his medium post Justin Kan mentions how hard it is to build a great company if we rely on willpower. He noticed that Forming Good Habits is the key to staying consistent. He recommends a great book: Atomic Habits by James Clear.

What is even more interesting, he talks about the power of Gratitude and even negative visualisations. He strongly recommends the app The Five Minute Journal for that. We all know about the power of meditation. Justin recommends the app Insight Timer. We tried both and decided to use them.

Prior to the fireside chat with Justin Kan we will host a talk show about ‘Fund-raising in 2020’ with Elodie Dupuy, Founder at Full In Partners, Soheil Mirpour, Partner at Global Founders Capital and Derek Gallagher, MD of Emerging Companies at Global Shares.


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Entrepreneurship and fundraising in 2020