With the Conscious entrepreneurship course we want to help people get more clarity on their vision, come into full alignment with that and take actions to monetise and uplevel it. This way professionals can lead more productive and healthier lives, and step into their full potential as leaders in their field.

Apply before 30th August to save £200 on programme fees with an early bird discount!

If you’re ready to learn the step-by-step process of how to build AND UPSCALE A purposeful business and change your life in the process, here’s how the program works.

 Increase self-awareness to see how wellbeing can boost your performance
 Expand your comfort zone in a safe and non-judgemental environment
 Learn how to communicate with authenticity & power in any situation
 Accelerate and deepen your development with technology platforms
 Think differently to make the impossible possible
 Manage and transform stress to get out of your own way
 Find more meaning in your work
 Motivate your team to be their best

 10 hours of video training
 4 live coaching sessions
✔ weekly practices and notes
 Guided audio meditation practices
 Guided audio breathing exercises
 The eBook
 Burnout tests and mindfulness quiz
 Elevated Emotional Journals
 Personalised goodie bag full of 100% natural supplements, teas & coffees, oils & pills…

+ Exclusive Bonuses!
Useful Resources to take with you after the course
 Book one-to-one sessions with our experts to ensure that you feel supported in your journey

✔ WEEK 1: Assessing your baseline
✔ WEEK 2: New vision for future you
✔ WEEK 3: Rewiring your brain
✔ WEEK 4: Accessing your full potential

DATE & TIME: Each Wednesday starting October 6th to November 3rd (4 weeks) from 7-8 pm GMT.



We are a broad community that helps you find your place in the world through doing work that matters and work you care about. We believe in putting purpose before profit, and that only by growing the impact-driven sector through helping talented people change careers will we have a chance of solving society’s most difficult problems.

Join us on our mission to drive change in how our economy works and bring about a mindful and equitable society.


Conscious Entrepreneurship Course

Now It’s Your Turn. Join The Conscious Community!

I’d like to invite you one last time to participate in this training so you can start building a purposeful business and change your life in the process. We’ve made sure this is a completely safe decision for you to make, without any risk whatsoever, so click this link to get started. Thank you so much for joining me here on the training today. We can’t wait to see you absolutely crush it with Conscious Domination. I look forward to helping you become more present and make your business thrive!

– Petar Savic, Founding Partner at Supreme Factory