IF WHEN THEN is thrilled to announce that Petar Savic and Emmanuel Lowe have joined our advisory board, offering strategic insights to execute on the company’s vision.

Motivated by the positive responses from our ecosystem partners, the IF family continues to grow. Introducing our new CTO and CMO a few weeks ago, we are now in the process of building an international advisory board to provide strategic insights to our team, ensuring that we can execute our vision.

Emmanuel and Petar to the IF WHEN THEN Advisory Board

We are glad to introduce you our new members of the Advisory Board of IF When Then:

  • Emmanuel Lowe
  • Petar Savic

Emmanuel Lowe combines his strengths in business, strategy and financial management, advising business owners for more than 15 years. He is a multi-entrepreneur and a former Project Management professor at the Business School CNAM in Paris. Over these years, Emmanuel has acquired a sharp focus on delivering products with a high customer success performance.

Above all, Emmanuel works with a high purpose, integrity and customer focus. He not only offers great strategic insights, but provides priceless international entrepreneurial experiences that have already been extremely helpful. We are very honored and excited to have him lead our advisory board as it will continue to expand.” — IF WHEN THEN founder, Adam Dorfman

Emmanuel Lowe — a member of the IF When Then Advisory Board

I was offered many times to be on advisory board for different type of startups here in Ukraine and abroad. When I met Adam for the first time, I was impressed by his energy and the genuine interest in the shared economy with the EOS Blockchain. His insights to use the combination of these principles in the non formal education ecosystem is extremely promising. Aside from his intention, I realised immediately that he is a doer, ready to do more to achieve results. His talent to choose an international team and ability to manage them reinforced this perception of his personality. Then, accepting Adam’s proposition to lead the Advisory Board of If When Then became obvious. — says Emmanuel Lowe

Petar Savic is the London co-director at Startup Grind and founder of Supreme Factory is also joining our advisors board.

He is a Serial Tech Entrepreneur turned investor with a key interest in Blockchain projects. Moreover, he is the Founder of a London based Accelerator for international startups called Supreme Factory and Co-Director of Startup Grind London, a global startup community designed to educate, inspire, and connect entrepreneurs.

Petar’s passion and interest for purposeful disruption in education in the Balkan region was evident to us right from the beginning. He has been an education ambassador for many years now and when our paths naturally crossed we decided to work together to bridge the global educational gap and to accelerate the IF WHEN THEN movement.

Petar Savic — a member of the IF When Then Advisory Board

I heard about a presentation Adam held in Croatia, for his vision with IF When Then a few months ago. It instantly got me thinking that his idea is tightly connected to my core values as an entrepreneur and is a scalable solution to a global problem. I got in touch with him and we set up a meeting. The passion he has for making a positive impact in the non-formal education ecosystem could not be unseen. Joining as an advisor, I am ready to hit the ground running and share my know-how and experience to help IF When Then bring purposeful disruption to the educational ecosystem.” — Says Petar Savic

“Petar brings a strong network of leaders in the Balkan and UK regions. He has a wealth of startup experience and connections in an important region to us. We are extremely fortunate to have someone of his qualities and specific skill sets on board. His previous startup experience over the last decade means he will offer great insights and guidance along the way” — IF WHEN THEN founder, Adam Dorfman

We are excited to welcome both Petar and Emmanuel who bring specific insights to the IF WHEN THEN advisory, as we look to continue expanding our team. Confident that their experience will bring a great value to IF motivates us even more to aim further in working on our vision. Make sure to follow us on FacebookLinkedIn and Twitter or subscribe to our newsletter in order to stay updated to the exciting news!

A movement is coming in the non-formal educational ecosystem, make sure to find out first!

Source: https://medium.com/if-when-then-blog/welcome-emmanuel-and-petar-to-the-if-when-then-advisory-board-747c4be28088