Entrepreneurship is the key to creating intergenerational wealth, but how should you be thinking about generating and protecting that wealth?

FounderTribes is bringing together some superstars to tell us their secrets!

Baron Davis is an American former professional basketball player who is a studio analyst for the NBA on TNT. He is a two-time NBA All-Star, made the All-NBA Third Team in 2004, and twice led the NBA in steals-per-game. He is now a serial entrepreneur who also invests in underrepresented founders.

Nicola Corzine is the founding executive director of the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center, a non-profit that delivers world-class resources and mentoring to entrepreneurs globally. Since launching in 2015, the Center has enabled over 30,000 entrepreneurs from 100 countries to receive quality education, resources and mentoring to propel their businesses and ensure global economic advancement. More that 51% of its community are female founders and 62% are minority entrepreneurs.

Bryant Wang is a director at American Express by day, but in his spare time he is the founder of My Million Year, a life coaching and personal finance coaching company that aims to help ordinary people achieve their goals, retire early and live life on their own terms.

Finally, Jamie Broderick, board member of the Impact Investing Institute and former head of UBS Wealth Management UK & Jersey, will moderate the panel.

This event is the second in FounderTribes’ monthly speaker series in collaboration with our partners Silicon Valley BankAEO (Association for Enterprise Opportunity) and Howard University School of Law.


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