Co-founder of Twitter, Biz Stone!

Every year in February Startup Grind hosts its flagship Global Conference in San Francisco. This time it won’t be a physical conference, but we will host it as a virtual conference. We selected a special headliner from the conference for you:

Biz Stone is most known as the co-founder of Twitter, but as of late he’s spent much of his time mentoring and investing in startups in the health, future of work, and sustainability through his new fund, Future Positive.

Biz has been recognized as one of TIME’s 100 Most Influential People and is a Fellow at the University of Oxford.

We’re excited to hear what innovations Biz is most excited and optimistic about in 2021. Biz will have a fireside chat with the founder of Startup Grind, Derek Andersen.

Fireside chat with Co-founder of Twitter


LinkedIn event: