Online event to examine how corporates and start-ups can work together to make the world a better place, especially for the “left behind”

Corporates and Start-ups Working Together to Change the World

Can start-ups, corporates and investors can work together to solve real problems, including climate change and social justice. Our expert panel to discuss this issue will include:

Steve Armstrong, former chair of Ford of Europe GMBH; former President of Ford EMEA and currently a transformation officer at Ford Motor Company in South America, India and China;

Paula Campbell Roberts, MD at KKR and former US consumer economist at Morgan Stanley;

Elizabeth Nyeko, CEO and founder of Modularity Grid, which addresses the critical bottlenecks that limit deployment of renewable assets (i.e. batteries), across multiple industries from aerospace to off-grid electrification for rural communities;

Donovan Hamlet, from the sales strategy and operations team at LinkedIn, who is an aspiring electric trucks entrepreneur; and

Caen Contee, founding Partner & LP at OzoneX Ventures; co-founder at Hope.Tech; founder of Deliberate Ventures; and advisor at SVB Financial Group.

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