Down the backroads of the magical city of Ubud in Bali, tucked away in the nooks of sprawling villas, something special is brewing.

There’s a murmur, a whisper of a movement being created to unite communities together, and to bring a network of influential leaders around a table to create change. What began as a handful of gatherings has blossomed into a new quantum culture steeped in ancient tradition.

This face-to face ecosystem is also infused with its own insiders economy, that supports all who are in the club to thrive. Welcome to the secret society of generous servers and gracious sippers. Welcome to the hidden world of ChaTea, and the community’s all-expectation-exceeding meme token $TEA.



Tea is a silent language that all cultures around the world speak. From the deep red Arabian “shai” exchanged in bedouin tents in the desserts of Jordan and Dubai, to the pale green ulong teas of the traditional tea houses in China From the milky pink chais of India soaked in cardamom and spices to the cuppa of Earl Gray in England – everyone knows tea.

Tea was already part of the conversation, but now it is the conversation. While coffee represents the speeding up and agitation of our busy culture, tea represents a slowing down for pause and connection. A return to ritual and presence.


Tea as I’ve come to learn, is not simply a drink, but a way of doing life. Ornate and intricately decorated tea sets are the pride of the Tea Masters, who selflessly pour rounds of tea for the who’s who that are present at these intimate circles. There’s something elegant and sophisticated in these influencer soirées. Tea is the new from of drinking socially and it’s taking over Bali.

At the head of the table sits Gil Petersil, serial entrepreneur, networker extraordinaire and tea connoisseur. He opens a rare puer box and begins to steep the leaves in hot water while enlisting those at the table who possess special-skillsets, with the command of a general about to send his troops to battle, and win.

What’s being served is tea, and what’s being sold is $TEA. This rare blend is a melange of the advancements in web3 and blockchain technology, and the timeless wisdom poured into countless cups around the world. $TEA is the digital counterpart to the analog experience, and the way to have a seat at the high-table, is to have some $TEA.

Gil explains how the new meme token will be used by the ever expanding community members to create wealth and distribute it throughout the network. It’s a bold vision and one that the players who are present have the chops and acumen to pull off.


Taking their cues from nature, the Cha Tea team, are creating a regenerative ecosystem, where everyone from the farmers down to the new friends at the table can be supported and rewarded for their initiatives. Growers, suppliers, tea set manufacturers, tea-tour operators, and everyone in between can join, add-value to, and benefit from this global tea party. Tea can be paired with almost any event and add a sense of regal flair to any engagement. I was treated to a number of private performances, from fire twirlers and hangdrum players, to Chinese dancers and multi-cultural rappers, all paired with tea. It’s self-evident that this collective truly put the tea in team.


Whenever there is talk of tokens, there is one word that interested parties ask about: utility, or in this case utili-TEA. What makes this token special is the network of individuals who are joining the party and the coordinated events, and gatherings that are taking place IRL (in real life.) The guest list would make any mad hatter worth his tea, jealous.

Virginia Salas Kastilio, crypto muse, blockchain visionary and philanthropic futurist, who is raising Earth fund, extends an arm across the table to show how she just challenged Elon Musk to share a cup of tea in space. Usually when a crypto project says they’re going to take a token launch to the moon, they don’t mean literally. $TEA is different.


I finish interviewing Brian Rose of London Real letting his million plus following know about the $TEA token launch. Whales in Dubai coordinate the opening of other markets and allocate sizable budgets while joining the party virtually over Zoom.


Make sure you pour yourself some $TEA directly into your Solana wallet, you don’t want to miss out on what is brewing. This is fast shaping up to be the token launch of all time. Presale has concluded, though private sales are still available before the doors to this party open to the public tomorrow.

With $TEA poised to be the next Doge coin, $TEA is now on everyone’s lips. $TEA is here to support a world where those involved can truly fill their cups and share the goodness with those they care about. That is the vision of the Cha Tea community, to create a wealth-positive culture where the tea flows abundantly and the cup doth runneth over.tsu

As they say when any fine tea is being poured, make sure you get it while it’s hot.