Conscious Entrepreneurship Course

The conscious entrepreneurship course is now open

With the conscious entrepreneurship course we want to help people get more clarity on their vision, come into full alignment with that and take actions to monetise and up level it. This way professionals can lead more productive and healthier lives, and step into their full potential as leaders in their field.

bridge the gap between school and work

At Supreme Factory, we want your help to bridge the gap between school and work

Helping thousands of young people find a job they love.

Startup Mindhack Workshop

Startup Mindhack Workshop

An interactive workshop focusing on the mindset, vision and purpose of the entrepreneur to give them the tools to see it through when times get tough.

Co-founder of RealMarket to Teach The first Hyperledger blockchain university course in Europe

First Hyperledger Blockchain University Course in Europe

Co-founder of RealMarket to teach the first Hyperledger Blockchain University course in Europe that will be offered by the Faculty of Technical Sciences of the University of Novi Sad, Serbia.

Emmanuel and Petar to the IF WHEN THEN Advisory Board

Welcome, Emmanuel and Petar to the IF WHEN THEN Advisory Board

We are excited to welcome both Petar and Emmanuel who bring specific insights to the IF WHEN THEN advisory, as we look to continue expanding our team. Confident that their experience will bring a great value to IF motivates us even more to aim further in working on our vision.