ICO is a new way of raising capital funds enabled by digital currencies and Blockchain technology where participants invest fiat (regular) currencies and receive ‘tokens’ or digital assets in return. A person, project or company in need of capital creates an new kind of digital coin and sells a tranche of them for fiat currencies on a digital trading platform or exchange. ICO is an interesting form of fund raising and it is becoming more and more common for companies that would traditionally raise from venture capital investors.

The State of ICO Swiss

A small country of Switzerland has long been a global center for the wealth management industry, housing around $2 trillion, or 27 percent, of global offshore wealth. Since 1934, Swiss bankers and regulators have resisted the efforts of foreign tax regulators, to obtain information about secret Swissbank accounts. They claimed compliance with Swiss law and the need to protect the privacy of their customers.

Switzerland, known for its progressive attitudes toward individual rights in banking, has kept a similar attitude toward cryptocurrency regulation. The Western European country is conspicuously absent from the European Union and appears to have an open attitude toward the cryptocurrency industry.

Switzerland keeps being on the edge of global financial innovation. How? By establishing a global hub for virtual currencies known as the “Crypto Valley” in Zug, and the implementation of forward-looking regulation by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA), Switzerland is emerging as one of “the world’s leading ecosystems for crypto, Blockchain, and distributed ledger technologies”.

Startup Grind London are excited to host a talk with Founder and CEO of SwissBorg, a crypto wealth management company that raised a total of 10% of what has been raised all of Switzerland in 2017. SwissBorg raised $50 million in their ICO. During 2017, Swiss-based ICOs raised about $550 million in funding, which was about 14 percent of the global ICO market, worth around $4 billion.

We will talk at the upcoming Startup Grind London event about how blockchain fits into the equation of fundraising and how to make a successful initial coin offering.

Come and join us at the WeWork Moorgate on 21st March or watch the live stream: