ICO Malta

Advantages of running an ICO in Malta

  • Most of the Countries now just declared that Crypto Currencies are not illegal, but that makes companies operate in a grey zone without knowing what will happen in the future.
  • legal certainty – the full legal framework of Malta makes sure your operations will not be shut down next year.
  • Malta is one of the first countries having a full regulation for DLT in place.
    Malta created the most advanced legal framework to regulate the Crypto industry
  • The MDIA (Malta Digital Innovation Authority) is the regulatory body controlling crypto companies and exchanges.
  • Regular checks and audits protect clients of the exchanges regulated in Malta.
  • Malta is an EU member state and has a good reputation worldwide.
  • English is an official language, no translators needed.
  • with a full legal framework also consumer protection laws come in place.
  • Operating in a regulated market provides security to ICO investors.
  • Because we operate in regulated Insurance companies issue policies and ensure digital assets.
  • Maltese and other European banking solutions are available.


Regulation in Malta

Malta is pushing to the forefront when it comes to running an ICO or crypto company. All big exchanges move now to Malta to get licensed.

Most countries just declared so far that Crypto Currencies are not illegal, however that doesn’t give you any legal security to operate your company and you can not be sure that your operations will be shut down later.

Malta worked out a full legal framework with an authority (MDIA) regulating the crypto industry which will ensure that you can run your business with legal certainty.

On top of that Malta offers the lowest taxes in whole Europe (5% effectively) as well as 2nd lowest employment side costs( only 10% on top of gross salaries).

Both utility and security token ICOs can be done here.

We help companies and ICOs to set up their operations in Malta, get legal advice, obtain licenses and bank accounts. Also, we can offer you a smart contract/token creation services as well as EXCHANGE listing at multiple exchanges.

On top of that, we provide advisory, marketing and investment services.

We are acting as a booking.com for the service industry of Malta. Means we work with all important law firms, accountants, managed offices, corporate service providers, tech and marketing companies.

Using our services is free for the clients.


Utility Token ICO Malta Costs

  • 3500 company first year all incl.
  • 3600 accounting first year all incl.
  • 4200 for the one desk office (one desk in co-working space, the mandatory minimum to have as physical substance requirement )
  • 35000 euro ICO legal fees

Total: +-47.6k cost for the ICO in Malta


Malta has a very competitive pricing:

  • compared to Switzerland +- 100-120k EURO
  • compared to Singapore +-200k USD


Exchanges licensed in Malta

At the moment as the official licensing process has not started yet we have a unique opportunity to start exchange operations in Malta already without having the licence before.

Whoever starts his exchange before the licensing starts, can start operating immediately.
and even better, the public launch and trading do not need to happen now but the application process has to be started (lawyers will start working on the application) and the clear intention of launching the exchange in short time must be shown.

This has to happen in October (company formation and some signed contracts to show operational activity).

These contracts will be sufficient:

  • corporate services agreement (with the lawyers that form the company)
  • rental agreement (one desk office)
  • server rental contract (any hosting provider)


  • 3500 company first year
  • 3600 accounting first year
  • 4200 one desk office per year
  • 37000 exchange license application Malta

Total: 48.300 euro

If you start now (by the end of October), it can be operating and stay operating until a license has been obtained (you will have 12 months time to get licensed after the official licensing process started).


Fast Track for exchanges

All the lawyers we work with reported to have heard the same thing from the MFSA. The current message is that the laws will become operative one month later, in November, this means that everything has shifted from the end of September to end of October. This is a reliable information, confirmed by different law firms.



This is our co-working space.

Shared meeting room, free parking, WIFI, coffee/water, and a nice basement gym (use on own risk we don’t have trainers ?)

We rent out a desk for 4200 EURO per year (350 per month, if you ask the lawyers in Malta you will get prices between 500-650 euro)

Those are fixed desks with your name sign on it, company name outside at the building.

They fulfil the requirement of having a physical establishment in Malta.
You need a commercial address to get a VAT number – with just the legal address at the lawyers you will not get it.



We can now help to open EU accounts (IBAN) for all purposes:

  • A Personal Account
  • B Corporate Account (Non-Crypto)
  • C Corporate Account with Crypto Relation
  • D Corporate Account for ICO
  • E Corporate Account for Crypto Exchanges